Monday, April 25, 2011

An Agnostic's Prayer

We have been asked to write a prayer.


When I see a woman veiled
I feel as though she's truly jailed!
I feel such a deep-held empathy
That it's like a prayer inside of me.
Certainly, if it's their choice,
Women should be allowed a voice.
I defend with all my might
Her undeniable female right
To pick-out any sort of dress
That truly adds to her happiness.
If being covered head to toe,
Seems to her the right way to go,
Then I defend her right to be
As individual as me.
If she feels womanly and smart
I'm on her side, with all my heart.
And if she feels God has declared
That her face should not be bared,
Then, for her own deep satisfaction,
She should take the appropriate action.
But if she's actually suppressed,
Not free to choose the way she's dressed,
If she's commanded and brutalised,
The system should rightly be despised.
And how do we know, beneath the veil,
How many are frightened of the male?
How many girls who should be flowering
Are, under the wrappings, whimpering, cowering?
I admit the society of 'The West'
Is imperfect, but I don't feel oppressed.
How can an Agnostic pray?
(Isn't that what I hear you say?)
All I know is I really care
Enough for it to feel like prayer.


A book, a stand, a clarinet,
But no-one's there to use them yet.
Left to itself an instrument
Is quite inert, with no intent.
The book is paper, nothing more
Although it may contain a score.
Awareness of music is not in these;
Their purpose isn't symphonies.
Clarinet, book and stand all wait
To meet the player that seals their fate.

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Billie Miller~ *Writer*Poet:*Humanist said...

I love your prayer poem because that is exactly how I feel.