Friday, April 22, 2011


A display at the Sydney Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition.

The curve of the sphere captured.
The waves darkened, becoming more dense.
Silver transfiguration in a sheet of glass.


Just a simple padlock, hanging on a rail,
With a thousand other padlocks by its side.
Where the glorious Yellow Mountains rise up to China's sky,
And the views are bright as heaven, and as wide.
A little metal padlock, a modern artifact,
Is set against eternity it seems,
And yet it's representing such hopes and such desires;
It's locked-on to a desperate need for dreams.
For this is where the sweethearts come to vow eternal love,
They use the key then throw it far away;
It hurtles into chasms, quite unreachable, below,
Where for the Rest of Ever it will stay.
And they look into each other's eyes and vow eternal bliss,
And they mean it from the bottom of their hearts,
Like their padlock they are locked as one till the day that death divides!
This is the day that 'love-forever' starts!
Will their love last for ever, or will it wilt and fade?
Are they asking far too much of life, this pair?
Will dissension, disappointment and denial come along,
Will they grow apart and one day cease to care?
It's unimportant! For what counts is that the dream itself
Will still be meaningful as years go by.
Though the padlock may grow rusty it will still hang on the wire,
A testament to hopes that never die.

Yesterday the Autumn weather was at its most perfect. I used to think April in England was perfection, but I think this time of the year in my part of Australia equals it. And we so enjoyed it, because we went out to the waterfront with Greg and the boys and the weather seemed made for us.

Max and Harry set off on a scooter adventure.

Max colours-in, waiting for a pizza. I love the almost-hidden smile.

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Unknown said...

Good questions, often asked these days. Let's hope that those who ask them realized the amount of work required to keep that lock in place.