Sunday, April 24, 2011

Show Yourself!

suggests talking to someone who can't answer-back.

(Not written from experience!)

Where are you hiding, honey?
(No, that's not a sign of affection.)
Are you lurking behind the mayonnaise,
Leering in my direction?
Oh. here's that left-over potato
From the day before yesterday;
I'll eat it while I'm hunting;
Oh no it's turned all grey!
Where are you hiding, honey?
On the top or bottom shelf?
"A place for everything", Mother said.
Come on! Show yourself!
What's this in the blue container?
The remains of some Peking Duck!
I'll take a little look at it.
Open the lid a bit.........Yuk!
Where are you hiding , honey?
You've made me knock over the cream!
My toast's getting cold on the table!
In a second I'm going to scream.
All I ask is a spoonful of honey
Of the Julie Andrew's type.
Oooh! What's this blob in the corner?
It certainly smells pretty ripe!
Oh there you are, stupid honey'
I've discovered where you are.
Now I'll continue my breakfast.
Oh no! It's an empty jar!
Great Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe? It's surely a country or state?
Why should a ruin be known as 'Great'?
What's the significance of this
Strange, unusual edifice?
First the means, they say,
'Large Building' said the Shona way.
These ruins are ancient; a thousand years old,
But no-one's sure what they used to hold.
Thousands of Africans may have existed
Within these walls, now heritage listed.
What we see is only the heart
Of extensive buildings, a tiny part,
For Great Zimbabwe at one time covered
Hundreds of miles, as they've now discovered.
Between the Limpopo and Zambezi
Finding gold was very easy,
So the founders of Great Zimbabwe, for sure,
Were very rich, with gold in store.
The Europeans, when they arrived,
Doubted that Africans had contrived
To build such a solid monument;
They said Africans were too indolent.
'Surely' they said 'Only men of our race
Could have built such a very important place!'
But, as has been proved by carbon dating,
Zimbabwe is old, as some had been stating.
When old 'Rhodesia' at last became free
The Africans thought what its name could be
And 'Zimbabwe!' they shouted with one voice,
It was nearly everybody's choice.

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