Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Your Dreams!


suggests the first line of William Blake's poem 'The Angel' (in blue)


"I dreamed a dream.
 What can it mean?"
Well, not an awful lot!
Though it may seem
That, in your dream,
Things seem to hit the spot.
Do you believe
That you receive
Messages from thin air?
That some outside force
Alters the course
Of your future, for foul or fair?
Ah no! Your life,
 Full of joy or strife,
Is the only source of dreams.
Benign or tragic,
There's nothing magic
About a dream, it seems.
You lost a purse,
You met a nurse,
You fell over....... yesterday
Tonight, no doubt,
You'll work things out
In a thoroughly dreamlike way.
But the nurse will fall,
You'll lose a ball,
Pictures will taunt and tease,
And added tension,
I hate to mention,
Will be caused by your eating cheese
Your poor old mind,
In its daily grind,
Is thoroughly organised,
But, at night, your sleep
May be very deep,
And your brain will be atomised!
Slower, quicker,
Flicker by flicker,
Your brain will relive the day,
It will make absurd
Each act, each word,
In its own little quirky way
And, should you brood,
It will take that mood
And transfer it to your dream.
Ridiculous notions
Based on your emotions,
Will add colour to the theme.
But as to Fate
Lying in wait
To add to your little plot............
What does it mean
Each dreamlike scene?
Not a lot!



Blissfully the bedding billows,
Shimmering sheets and perfect pillows,
Wafting the lady to a sleep
Dreamless, peaceful, dark and deep.
Bright the honey-coloured skin
Enhancing the white bed she's in.
Curtains blowing in a breeze
Which wafts a tiny tendril-tease.
Oh that all our nights could be
As perfect as this one we see!


Alicia said...

I loved this take on Blake's words. I also thought the painting fit beautifully.

The Poet said...

Excellent! I loved this and great imagery to go with it.

Amanda Moore said...

this was so much fun I just love you writing style!

Anonymous said...

A definite smile maker - love your take on the prompt - image paired well as well! :-)

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

stunning imagery.
lovely dream pieces.