Tuesday, April 26, 2011


chose the illustration


Clouds have been the subject of poetry throughout time;
We've seen the silver citadels, as they've changed their shape, to climb
Up into the ether, rolling around on high,
Creating scenes of dazzling white on the background of the sky.
Delicate streaks, evolving whirls, little rabbits' tails of puff,
Or darkly menacing blanketings when the weather's turning rough.
Clouds have been things of mystery, sometimes with human faces;
Clouds have been things of movement, scudding and running races.
To better gaze at them on high, we lie in the summer grass,
Watching in fascination as they loom and, billowing, pass.
Now man has got in on the act, but I feel that I must state
That, though the geometry is fine, the poetry isn't great!



Blue and white,
Clear and bright.
Sky and snow,
Above, below.
White and blue,
Shining through.
Think I'll choose
Whites and blues.


jabblog said...

Cloud gazing - one of life's great pleasures:-)

Bubba said...

Wonderful entry, Brenda.
You were fast this week!

Kathe W. said...

two great entries! Brava!

Evelyn said...

very nice!