Thursday, April 28, 2011



Sharing the Winter sunshine,
The water, the Opera House steps.
And, later, the joy of great music.


Granny was left alone in charge
Of Pete and Ben and Rob.
They were four and six and eight!
Not an easy job!
Even so, she kept her cool,
No matter how she felt.
She was always well-made-up and smart,
Youthful-looking, svelte.
Mum and Dad were on a trip;
'I'll cope' said Granny May;
But she sometimes felt quite frazzled
At the ending of a day.
There were always noisy scraps and fights;
Boys like to play the fool.
But Granny held herself in check.
And always remained cool.
Hair always neat, and eyebrows plucked,
She was always band-box dressed,
Granny May was a picture
Of someone quite unstressed
One day they all went to the zoo;
The visit was a riot.
On reaching home she found she yearned
For some solitude and quiet.
She got the boys to bed at last
And then, without a care,
She decided on a long hot shower
And thought she'd wash her hair.
She creamed off all her make-up;
The hot shower was a dream;
Her hair was wet, when, suddenly,
She heard a piercing scream!
'Stop kicking me!' she heard one shout.
 'You started it!' another.
Suddenly she'd had enough
Of being a sweet grandmother!
She made a turban of a towel
And wrapped it round her head;
Her face, devoid of make-up,
Was shiny and bright red.
She dashed off to the children's room
And opened wide the door...
'Listen, you lot!' she bellowed,
'I won't take any more!
If you don't stop and go to sleep
I don't know what I'll do!'
And three little boys in terror
'Who are you?'

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Oh, that was quite funny! Thanks for sharing,
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