Monday, April 11, 2011


chose the topic


Is anybody else befuddled
By the Middle East?
I must confess
The awful mess
Isn't clarified in the least!
So Democracy is favoured;
That's absolutely clear.
Must do back-flips
When the common people jeer.
But Democracy is dangerous,
We've learned time and again!
Wont 'we' loose
If the people choose
Al Qaeda?
What happens then?

If you know the answer please mail it to me soon.
I need an explanation before this-afternoon!


(For children)

One day, for a change, you see,
My zebra came to school with me!
She sat as quiet as a mouse
Inside our little play-play house.
At lunch she tried to eat my food!
I thought that that was rather rude!
She liked the painting time the best;
She painted better than the rest!
She watched as we all did our dancing
But didn't join in with some prancing!
And she didn't like it very much
When we fed the rabbit in its hutch!
At dress-up time she was a bore;
She simply gazed down at the floor!
At home-time Mum said 'As a rule
A zebra's not much fun in school'.
And I said 'Well, tomorrow, maybe
Zebra can stay home with Baby.'
This little story was in picture-book form and I 'translated' it into verse.


Andy Sewina said...

Phew, I'm befuddled too! Love the Zebrantics!

Old Egg said...

Befuddled is quite an appropriate word for middle eastern politics what with dictators, religious intolerance, opium and a long long history of rejecting western democracy. Luckily you shed that from our minds with the zebra at school for the day.

Altonian said...

I just loved the zebra poem. very amusing.
Middle East? We should keep our noses out.
Democracy? Just an assembly of letters forming a word that has no meaning.
It doesn't matter who you vote for, the government always wins; which means the rich keep it, and the poor still go to the wall..
Where can we find a benevolent dictator? Answer - we can't!

Jae Rose said...

Maybe zebras should be taken into government..I don't think any political choice is entirely without befuddlement..Jae :)

Christine said...

Loved both these poems, I am very befuddled with all that happens east and your zebra poem lightened my mind after such heaviness. Awesome as usual.