Monday, April 4, 2011

From Dapper to Rapper!


'Dapper' and 'natty',
So top-hatty!
Words from the past
That didn't last.
'Spiffy', as well
Along with 'swell',
Slicked-back hair
With Brylcream care,
Neat bow-tie
And 'roving eye'!
Cigarette holder
Allowed to smoulder.
A different breed?
Yes, indeed!
Altered ways.
Not Errol Flynn
But a stubbly chin.
Young men choose
Huge tattoos!
Who'd have drempt
Of hair unkempt!
And nasal rings!
Such nasty things!
Nothing matters!
Shirts in tatters!
The rule, no doubt,
'Let it all hang out!'
That word 'dapper'
Doesn't suit a Rapper!


A popular word in Oz is 'beaut'.
It certainly applies to fruit!
Red and orange, above all yellow,
Slightly tart but always mellow.
Laid in abundance on a platter
And nothing there to make us fatter!
These I came across on a cruise.
The problem was..... which one to choose.

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