Friday, April 22, 2011

Once Upon a Time

supplied the illustration.


"What an example of modernity!
Surely it will last for eternity!"
That's what we said when this TV
Displayed itself to you and me!
"What lines!" we said,."What thrilling dials".
Our faces creased in delighted smiles!
The little picture in black and white,
Flickered away, now dark, now light.
We viewed it feeling quite ecstatic;
It's influence was so dramatic!
"Surely this won't be surpassed!
This invention must be the last!"
We prided ourselves on belonging to
The generation making such a coup!
But look at it now. The word is 'quaint';
Up-to-date is what it ain't.
What are we thrilling to today?
What new gadgets have come our way?
And how decrepit will they appear
Even as early as this time next year?
As to ten years down the track!
All our 'stuff' will have got the sack!
Museum pieces they will be
Along with you, and along with me!



The strength of cherubs is astounding!
They look cuddly and chubby.
They should be
Laughing on a bearskin rug!
All nudity and curls,
The way Victoria liked them!
They should be dandled!
They should be chucked under the chin!
Or they should be lying in Mother's arms,
But no!
All over Europe
They are acting like
Charles Atlas!
They hold great vaulted
Cathedral ceilings
In one podgy little hand.
They carry huge Bibles
Through the sky
Single handed.
And smiling!
They stagger along
With great jugs of water
And don't spill a drop!
Is it any wonder
That sometimes,
They just can't take it any more?


Meryl said...

Great pieces. I love your playful voice. And it is so true how we embraced television thinking how incredible it was (and it was), and then how relatively quickly things change.

Shanae Branham said...

Nice poems.

Unknown said...

Great writes... that Tv one is so very true! Stop in & read The Boob Tube