Wednesday, April 27, 2011


'mercy, relish, foolish'


We are at the mercy of our moods;
Sometimes we're feeling fine;
We relish everything in life;
We're certain that we shine.
At other times we feel quite low
We hate ourselves as well;
We feel we're foolish and inane
And crawl back in our shell.
We'd like to be on an even keel
But it seems it's not to be;
Man has always felt this way
Since he climbed down from his tree.
It's all because of biorhythms.
(Below we give a chart).
Learning to read the rhythms
Is really quite an art.
You feel on top? You feel down low?
My friend you're not a freak.
Learn to read your biorhythms;
Enjoy being at your peak.
And just relax when  you feel down;
The deadly days will go.
Don't fight your biorhythms.
Simply go with the flow.




Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth!
As a foetus you were standing in the queue.
And you entered the arena at the moment of your birth.
Quite unaware that payment would be due.
You can't see the show unless you care to pay the price.
The popcorn and ices don't come free.
And what you have to pay is just decided by the dice
But for certain you are going to pay the fee.
You may pay in your childhood, when your school-days are quite grim,
When you're haunted by a bully and his kind.
You may pay as a teenager who's longing to be slim,
When you feel that glamour's leaving you behind.
You may pay with poor health which dogs you every single day
And means you can't participate in sport.
You may pay in your middle-age when a partner runs away,
And depression seems to rule your every thought.
Consider every friend you have; no ticket has been free;
Each one of them has had some price to pay.
Just take the rich and is not unending glee,
Not some wild, exciting non-stop holiday!
But we all agree, whatever comes, Life is the Greatest Show
And we want the show to never, never end.
So pay the price, add your applause and just go with the flow.
And I wish you every happiness, my friend.


Andy Sewina said...

Phew, I love the words of wisdom in The Greatest Show!

And bio whatsits?? Fun!!!

Altonian said...

I don't know about bio rhythms, I do not go in for that sort of stuff myself, but these two great poems encapsulate most of what I feel about going out and grabbing life. I'm all for Carpe Diem!

Old Egg said...

At least you can see the fun in being alive. Applause for two great poems again.

Jae Rose said...

I guess without one mood you don't know what the other is! Very thoughtful..Jae

Sheilagh Lee said...

Truly words of wisdom in these two poems. Ilove the gl with the flow comment I've found it's the besat way todeal with life's little tricks and miseries

Unknown said...

The mood piece gave me lots to consider. I have spent years learning to both accept and mediate my moods. Glad I learned both lessons.

Anonymous said...

These are both magnificent. Might give that bio-thingy a try. Why not?

Christine said...

In a mood to read today, so I think I'll go with that. Love your rhymes as usual.

The Rusty Pen said...

I love both of these poems; there is certainly a message here for everyone.

Well written, insightful! Thanks for sharing.

Kodjo Deynoo said...

Emotions and the mind, turn to play games with us, always at their mercy

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

I certainly know there is something to this bio-rhythm business. Life's little ups and downs are cyclical.

rmpWritings said...

i'm intrigued now by the idea biorhythms...but somehow i think it is just in me to fight.

love "The Greatest Show On Earth." such a interesting view. and every happiness to you as well!