Thursday, April 28, 2011

Take Your Pick

suggests the topic 'limit'.


Tick one of these answers.
One of them is true
Yet I cannot cope
With either of them.
Where does that leave me?
Yes, the Universe has a limit.
It is like a glass sphere
With motes of dust
Dancing in it.
If one could fly to its outer limit,
One would reach
A great globular window.
Ah, but what would we see through it?
Maybe we would see nothing.
But how can one see
What is unseeable?
Maybe we would see something.
But what?
Yes, the Universe is limitless.
It just goes on for ever
In a way that is incomprehensible
To the human mind.
My brain rejects endlessness
As impossible.
My head aches
As soon as the word 'endless'
Maybe there is another state
Involving unlimited limitation.
This state may be beyond
The frail human consciousness.
Certainly mine.


We say it's for our bodies' sakes
We stride out by the water's side.
We've all put on those extra pounds;
They're very difficult to hide!
We say we like the great fresh air,
The breathing in and breathing out.
We say we like the friendliness
We simply could not do without.
We say we like the water views,
The rippling distances of lake.
We say we like the water-birds
And all the many sounds they make.
We say we like the extra thrill
Of finding new things round the bend.
But I say the thing we really like
Is the coffee and pastries at the end!


jabblog said...

Infinity certainly makes my brain ache!
A reward at the end of a walk is always welcome - well, necessary really.

Stan Ski said...

I feel quite comfortable with the concepts of infinity and eternity...
save one of those pastries for me...:)

Elizabeth said...

Wow! A walk through infinity with pastries waiting at the end. Count me in, as soon as I get my head unbent and back to normal, whatever that is. Found this beyond interesting and glad to know that others have similar thoughts. Thank you,


Anonymous said...

To tackle such an enormous concept as infinity took a very brave poet. The fact that you made a coherent poem shows your skill as well as courage!

The walk was a nice peacful way to wind down after the excitement of your other poem. Thank you.

Mr. Walker said...

Brenda, a fine exploration of limits - of the universe, which I think physicists debate - and of the human mind to understand such concepts.