Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sex Symbol

(supposed to be 100 words but I cheated.)


Do you find this man attractive?
(I'm speaking to females here.)
Do you long to be interactive
And caress each velvet ear?
He clearly thinks he's something;
Witness his leering gaze.
I look at his 'pecs'! My goodness!
Revealed, so they amaze.
And is that a 'Playboy' token,
Hanging on a chain?
His aim is to look sexy;
He's trying with might and main.
Are moustaches back in fashion?
Well, his I could do without.
He's bald underneath that head-dress
I'm sure, without a doubt.
Real rabbits are reputed
To be having sex non-stop
But surely this awful costume
Is completely over the top!
Has it something to do with Easter?
Never! Surely not!
Mr Velveteen Rabbit
You've definitely lost the plot!


Who'd have thought a child like me,
Who's only little, only three,
Could jump as high as the tallest tree!
It proves I'm very clever!
To bounce myself so very high!
As high as birds that are flying by!
I'm 'like a diamond in the sky'!
And I will shine for ever!

We're well into Autumn now, but it was a lovely day yesterday so we took our afternoon tea down to the beach. As you can see, the shadows are getting longer, there are fewer people enjoying the surf and sand,  and the breeze was a little chilly, but it was still pleasant. Easter marks the end of Summer in this corner of the globe. But you could still get a tan, Mike.


Christine said...

You always make me smile with your creative words. Bald is OK though in my eyes, that's what intrigued me about my man. Thank goodness he didn't come with the bunny ears and bling.

Unknown said...

April 24, 2011
Dear Brenda,
What an accurate description of this unapealling bunny-man in your poem for Saturday Centus-51. He is so 'un-Easter'!

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I have written a review of your lovely poem "April Showers". If you have time to read it, the link is:

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