Monday, April 11, 2011




I was taught to believe
If you give you'll  receive
And it's true in many ways;
Give thanks, give help, give love, give praise.
Give a smile not really earned
And one, for sure, will be  returned.
Yet, with this I have a quarrel;
Surely it is quite immoral
To think of reciprocity!
Where's the generosity
In smiling at a foe or friend
Hoping to be on the receiving end?
Still, reciprocity, I have found,
Really makes the world go round.
So, though it may be artificial,
The end result is beneficial,
With every one of us being nice
As a sort of oiling-the-wheels device.
So throw your smiles through cyberspace
And the world will be a happier place!



And no! The hint above is not one I'd suggest!
Imagine the hairs in the water from his very fuzzy chest!

A peeled potato rubbed on hands will clean them in a trice.
Much, much easier than chemicals and surely half the price!
Slice bananas into pineapple juice to stop them going brown;
Make sure they're underneath the juice; if you have to, press them down.
Before you bake a meat-loaf place bacon in the tin.
You'll find it easy to remove the loaf, and keep all the juices in.
If a needle won't go through some cloth, run it through your hair.
Then it will slide in easily because of the oil that's there.
When butter is too hard to spread take your peeler; give it a shave.
The shavings easily soften; that's how they behave.
All your chores will be a breeze
If you follow hints like these!


Anonymous said...

Your ideas make me wonder if reciprocity is a mirror, bouncing out and back and out and back again, reciprocating out on the other person and inward on the person "doing the reciprocating." I like the rhythm in the words.

Christine said...

I'd love to add to your advice but I can't really think of a rhyme with avacado.
Enjoyed the first poem too, it really isn't that hard to smile or be kind towards one another even when you don't feel like it, it does get reciprocated in the end.

Harshad Mehta said...

Thank you. -:)

Yes. It feels selfish to help or even smile with expectations.

The Write Girl said...

I love your poem on reciprocity. The photo of the man in the tub is quite funny!