Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ode to a Flying Fish

supplied the prompt; 'imagining a fish'.

'original post'

A Sonnet

Thy gaiety enchants us as we see
Thy silver body flashing through the air.
Thou seemst a creature quite devoid of care,
At home in both the sky and in the sea!
And yet thy spirit languishes I know.
A heart divided never can know peace,
Condemned forever to the depths below,
While yearnings for the ether never cease.
A flash of blue is all thou art allowed.
The sweet fresh air experienced as a puff.
A second soaring high above the crowd,
But is a second ever long enough?
Oh Flying Fish! Thou art expression of
The agony of a divided love.


It was the call I'd longed-for,
Since the day that I'd left school!
A modelling job that afternoon.
Goodbye to the typing pool!
They asked me to wear a tutu
But my old green one was limp,
So I stuffed the dark blue under it
And then began to primp.
I found some matching stockings,
Knee-highs! What a disgrace!
But my thighs would be under the tutu,
In a thankfully hidden place!
I took such care with my lipstick!
I took my time with my hair.
I sprayed the front bits indigo
And let the rest stay fair.
I tanned myself with lotion
Over legs and arms and chest
And I used some hair remover
On, well, you know 'the rest'.
Who knows what this might lead to?
One shot might lead to more.
I could see myself  'au naturelle'
Draped on a velvet floor!
'Wear high heels' said my Mother,
'Make yourself look tall!'
But I'd only got the yellow ones.
They wouldn't do at all!
And, just as we were arguing,
The taxi blared its horn
And I dashed-out wearing yellow shoes!
Yellow as summer corn!
But I knew 'they' wouldn't notice them
When they saw my poise and style!
I rubbed a tissue over my teeth
To improve my dazzling smile.
'They' looked me over once or twice
Then muttered quite a lot
Finally saying 'We think we might
Try out a cabbage shot!'
'Every picture tells a story';
Something inside me dies
When I see my face is hidden
But they've emphasised my THIGHS!


gautami tripathy said...


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

the fish image you choose is super beautiful.

perfect words.

vivinfrance said...

Two fascinating poems. I particularly loved the flying fish one.

Tumblewords: said...

I love the Shoe Fetish! And the fish tale reminds me the green grass is always on the other side. :)

Mr. Walker said...

"the agony of a divided love" - what a great line to end the poem with. A very nice take on the fish prompt.

Pooch said...

SHOE FETISH is a delight!

Grandma's Goulash said...

I smiled from start to finish while reading Shoe Fetish.

"But is a second ever long enough?"
A good question and a great line.

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