Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How Cosy!

'illusion, evident, tragic'


We thought we were important! We thought we were unique.
Such clever little animals, to walk and think and speak!
We thought we were the focal point, the wonderful creation,
And the centre of the universe was our rightful situation.
How cosy must it all have been to live without confusion!
To believe so very certainly in that ludicrous illusion!
To look up at the stars at night and to know their steady twinkling
Was fashioned for our pleasure! Why we hadn't got an inkling
Of all the vastnesses of space and the tiny dot we spun on;
We thought it was important, the planet we'd begun on.
Yet now it's very evident we're specks upon a speck,
Passengers on a tiny ship we're just about to wreck!
It isn't even tragic, it's not big enough for that!
But how cosy to go back to thinking that our earth is flat!


'Doctor! Doctor!' Charlie cried, bursting in without a warning.
I have this dreadful affliction that attacks me every morning.
'I wake up feeling normal, but, as time comes to pass,
I wander into the bathroom and look in the looking glass!
And then this awful sense of dread somehow steals over me!
From then on I'm depressed all day! Whatever can it be?
'There, there' said the doctor.'There's nothing I can do.
You simply have a phobia brought on by a mirror's view.
Why don't you try dark glasses or an all-encompassing hood!
One thing about your problem!
At least your eyesight's good!


Unknown said...

Oh yes, the tragedy of human arrogance!

Sheilagh Lee said...

wonderful pair.I admit I chuckled at the alst at least your eyesights good.

gautami tripathy said...

Loved both!


Ren said...

Oh I totally enjoyed reading both of them :) Thank you!

earlybird said...

Very good use of prompt for 3WW - excellent comment. And I know just how Charlie feels! Made me laugh.

VL Sheridan said...

Great use of the prompt words.

Mr. Walker said...

I enjoyed "How Cosy!" - the language, the flow of thoughts, and, of course, the use of the three words. A delightful read. Thank you.