Saturday, April 9, 2011

Exit 181

supplied the first line for a very, very short story.


'Exit 181, 1/2 mile ahead...'
I was having a nap! I thought I was in bed!
I'm the Navigator! What's He going to say
When he suddenly realises
We're going the wrong way?


Imagination is a boon!
I'll never, never hang-glide!
Even when young, I was a coward.
Now that I am old
I take refuge in fragility.
I let people think
I was once courageous,
And a collector of
I bounce and crackle,
Sounding full of confidence.
But it is all a charade.
I am a mewling, puking kitten.
And yet and yet,
How wonderful it must be
To hang-glide!
The prize for overcoming ones fears
Must be great.
And yet, and yet,
All is not lost,
For I am blessed with imagination.
I know exactly how the world must look,
The wind must blow,
The stays must creak,
The body must sway.
And I am not risking
Life and limb.
I can imagine myself a bird.
Fortunate me!


Maude Lynn said...

That's the only way I'm going to hang glide!

Nonna said...

Good job ! A simple treatment that is very clever one has thought of the wrong way angle for their Centus ! ( I've read them all )

Susan Anderson said...

Really got a kick out of your Centus poem!

I did go parasailing once, which amazed even me...


Templeton's fury said...

you brought me back to my childhood with your saturday centus! lol

aspiritofsimplicity said...

hopefully he will think it a grand adventure! I love the poems in the next post up by the way.

cj Schlottman said...

Going the wrong way? Ouch. I say this because it has happened to me - only I was the driver and my husband the navigator........
I like your ways with words.


Jenny said...

I really liked your SC poem. But this line in the second work: 'Now that I am old
I take refuge in fragility' was so compelling.

I love the pictures you paint with simple words.

I admire your word crafting very much.