Monday, April 4, 2011


Memories in Memes.

So now the cruise is over! It's Blogging time again.
Eleven days gone like a flash! Only memories remain.


We travelled down to Circular Quay on a bright and sunny day,
Seeing 'our' ship in the harbour; dragging luggage along the way.


Relaxation seemed in order, under the shady trees,
Where people came to take a look at 'The Rhapsody of the Seas'


It was a blue, blue day on the Harbour and the ship posed gracefully
Trying to out-do the Opera House with visual poetry!

Once on board my blogging-eye swivvled in my head!
What better than a handy buoy, to add a touch of 'red'.


And how's this for a monochrome? The Opera House again.
Seen from one of the lounges, through a window pane.

More gold, I suppose, than yellow, but a welcome sign for many.
As for drink and the Bryants.... we hardly sampled any!
We sailed away at sunset; here are the dying rays.
Tomorrow would be the very first of many pleasant days.
Sunrise outside Newcastle, a very strange port of call,
Because we live in Newcastle and so we know it all!

letter 'L'

 In the evening we sailed away, leaving the Lighthouse behind,
And the family came to wave us off, which we thought very kind.

Malcolm had his birthday at sea! Here he's congratulated
By the friendly waiters, who so very pleasantly 'waited'.

Watch this space for Instalment Two of the story of our cruise.
(It's so much more relaxing than listening to the news!)


Yuni Murharjanti said...

Good afternoon Mrs. Brenda Bryant. This is my first comment, though it has been several times I came to this blog.
You are very active in writing. I hope you will always be healthy, so you can still share your experiences to the world. Forgive me if there are words that are less polite. Best regards!.

Lois Evensen said...

What great fun! I feel so at home with you on the cruise. ;) I love seeing your images! Rhapsody is a beautiful ship.

SmilingSally said...

Oops! You forgot to link in to Blue Monday, Brenda.

Come back, quick!

Margaret Gosden said...

I will be taking a vicarious interest in your cruise
experience in whatever form you is still
quite chilly here as we wait for a warmer spring time.
The ship looks huge, by the way. Where were you - above the water line, or below. Do you feel any motion at all, I wonder.

Kim, USA said...

What a way to celebrate Malcolm's birthday. Looks like you all had fun. Brenda you are very gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos!


Chubskulit Rose said...

such a pleasurable celebration!

Please come take a look at my entry, thank you!

annies home said...

love the suns reflection on the ship

Leslie: said...

What a wonderful travelogue about your cruise! I'm going on a cruise in about 6 weeks to Alaska where we will celebrate my daughter's birthday on our last day at sea!


mike ansell said...

Likewise looking forward to reading Part 2.
Glad that you are home safely after what must have been an extremely pleasurable cruise.
Malcolm looks like the Captain of the ship sitting at the centre of the Captain's table, in your photo of his birthday !


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

What a colourful trip:). Must have been so much fun and laughter.

Robin said...

How thoughtful of the ship to pose just so with the Opera House in the background ;).

Happy birthday to Malcolm, what a delightful way to celebrate.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Gemma Wiseman said...

O what an adventure and a great way to have a celebration! Terrific range of photos!

gengen said...

Wow i like to go cruise. Such a lucky one...Happy WW!

genie said...

Love the photos you picked for this post. They make up a grand series. The ship is lovely...I know you all had a great time. It has been a long time wince we went on a cruise, but as I get older they become more and more appealing.

Francisca said...

It is SO much more pleasant to join you on your cruise,
Than it ever could be watching the the evening news!!
Fabulous post, Brenda! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Pat said...

Happy belated birthday, Malcolm! You covered many memes with your poetic post today, RR--very clever, as you always are. Your cruise looks elegant and fun!

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful photos, I am sure you both had a great time on your cruise. Happy Belated Birthday to Malcolm.

Dragonstar said...

This a a great selection!

Gunsside said...

Lots of great shots, and your black and white shot is lovely ;)

Laura said...

what a wonderful collection of images....I hope you enjoyed your cruise!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

That shade tree looks like the perfect place to relax!


Welcome the shadows surrounding your life,
Treat them as lover or husband or wife;
Welcome them in as you would one who’s dear;
Hug them, embrace them without any fear;
Honor, respect them, and give them their due,
For shadow and light are both parts of you.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Deep Shadows Beckon

Made By Gen said...

This looks pretty shots and the cruise is cool. Happy SSS!

Hey Harriet said...

Beautiful Sydney! What a lovely collection of holiday photos. Holidays do fly by all too quickly, but at least the memories last longer :)

robin. said...

we are headed to FL this week for a wedding next weekend...and I am wanting time to slow down so I can enjoy every minute...thanks for sharing your photos with us!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds, and looks like a lovely trip!

Shrqz said...

wow different memes in one post. i love it Hope you can visit Picture My World for My World Tuesday