Sunday, April 17, 2011


                                           Brenda Bryant


Captured in a reverie,
With no need of company.
Outside the traffic, fro-ing, to-ing.
Inside here, a private viewing.


Motion photography! There's a thought!
I much prefer the other sort.
Objects in their proper places;
Fixed smiles on familiar faces.
Lots of cajoling .'Smile! Please smile!'
A rather prim and proper style.
Should I ever get a movement
(Not considered an improvement!)
I'd view the shot upon completion
As a subject for 'deletion'!
Motion pictures look so clever
But am I capable? No! Never!
But when I aimed at Liz and Mike,
(Two of Malcolm's friends I like)
I didn't notice passers-by;
They simply didn't catch my eye!
What a surprise then, the result!
It almost made my heart exult!
Motion photography from me!
I'm a photographer! Glory be!


Margaret Gosden said...

I really would like to have seen what he is contemplating!! I know that is not the point but it looks such a well hung exhibit. Just a thought....

Margaret Gosden said...

Oh, yes, what a good event - I really miss that motion meme! Those sort of captures are not easy, especially to get the subjects just how you want them, letting
the background take care of itself.