Wednesday, April 6, 2011


supplied the illustration

(A verse for children)

Rockabye Boatie, out on the bay;
Before very long we'll be floating away.
As soon as I'm closing my poor tired eyes,
We'll sail off in the moonlight way up in the skies.
Sister Jill will be floating along by my side;
I am sure she'll have Teddie along for the ride.
Brother Bertie will follow; he's later to bed.
He'll have a big ship and the sails will be red!
We'll all wave at Mummy who's still on the land;
We'll all see the hanky she has in her hand.
All night we'll go sailing past planets and stars;
We'll see Jupiter, Venus, Uranus and Mars.
When we open our eyes to another new day
We'll find that we're safely back home in the bay.


Some lives touch briefly before they part
But leave a mark upon each heart.
The ways diverge, the paths go on
Before we know it, the meeting's gone.
And yet, in future years we brood,
When we are in nostalgic mood,
On what there might, maybe, have been
Had we stayed longer on the scene
Or followed-up or sent a card,
And we feel life is slightly marred
Because we didn't cling and stay
But waved goodbye and walked away.


Deborah said...

What a wonderful Boatie! :o)

Lyn said...

It's good to sail away with such good friends! All so visual...

signed...bkm said...

that is charming...from floating among the planets on a boatie to safe home in the bay...a lovely tale....thank you..bkm