Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thankyou Dr!

Woke up feeling pale and wan,*
Then, courtesey of 'Dr John',
A flurry of new 'blends' arrived!**
I cheered up! And I've survived!
This network business spurs me on!
Thankyou, thankyou 'Dr John'.

* Not really, but it rhymed!
** BLog frENDS.

Find Dr John here:


Heff said...

Dr. John sent me. He said you needed an enema.

Melli said...

Goodness! You wrote ALL these poems TODAY????? And to think I had a hard time coming up with ONE poem each day in April... You're AMAZING! Truly! (and I came back all of my own accord this time!)

Alastair said...

Thought I'd take a little time
To pop on by and leave a rhyme
Though poetry doesn't depend on rhyming,
But wisdom, grace and careful timing!
It's fun to see how it could be
To end with 'Dr John sent me'.

Have a great day! Glad Dr John sent me your way :-)

Nessa said...

That Dr. J is a nice fellow.

Maude Lynn said...

Dr. John sent me, as well. Glad you're not really feeling pale and wan!

starbender said...

Wow--You have been really busy here since my last visit. Love your poetry!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Isn't Dr John a Grand Fellow ?

quilly said...

That Dr. John -- gotta love him!

Dr.John said...

No thanks needed. A well written blog deserves visitors.