Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sure Bet!


Sometimes we make our own!


The gentlemen were gathered in a group at the casino
And the stakes were getting higher all the time,
When, waltzing in came Lulu from the beach at Portofino,
And she soon complained she'd only got one dime.
'I know!' she cried, excitedly,'I'll risk all on one throw!
If I win I'll get a thousand! If I lose
I'll merely leave the table  and you'll scarcely see me go,
And I'll slink away and simply nurse my blues.'
'O.K.' said all the gentlemen, 'Pay up just what you've got
And take the risk! We know you'll never win!'
'Well, first' said Lulu, 'I must strip!  I'm feeling rather hot!
And I always have more luck when in my skin!'
So very, very slowly, she peeled off all her clothes,
And she stood there looking wonderfully curved.
The gentlemen were gob-snacked by her delicious pose
And, quite honestly, they found themselves unnerved!
Lulu threw the dice and then let out a joyous scream!
'I've won! ' she shouted, jumping up and down;
'I've won a thousand dollars! That's always been my dream!
And now I'll go and spend it in the town!'
She grabbed her clothes and money and left with an 'Adieu!
Leaving the men the victims of a crime.
And not a single one recalled the number that she threw!
They'd been looking at the lady all the time!

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:) Smart lady!

LA Nickers said...

You are so funny. Where did you find the artwork that fits your post EXACTLY - like the emperor's custom suit?

Kat said...

:))))))) Probably the Gentlemen thought that it was worth thousand dollars NOT to look at the dice..!!!