Monday, May 18, 2009


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I've been a wee bit cosmic (if that's possible!)


Imagine a cloud of dust
Within nothingness.
Imagine that you are in it.
For you are.
Everything that is you is there,
Gravity clumps the dust
Into a mass.
It becomes hot.
It becomes hotter.
It becomes unimaginably hot.
Yet you are within that heat.
Within the cloud
A star.
A sun.
You were not part of the sun.
You whirled away
Into the ether
To become a planet.
Don't you remember?
You were there
With the birth of the sun
Came all we know as 
And you were in it from the start.
You are eternal.
And when you die
You will still be part
Of the miracle.
Your star-stuff will remain
And when, in five billion years or so,
The sun also dies
The stuff of you
Will implode,
Alter beyond recognition.
But it will be there,
Ready for the next stage.
Another attempt at getting a handle on 'everything' here:


storyteller's other blog said...

Lovely food for thought today. Thanks ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Jinksy said...

How well you have captured eternity...

anthonynorth said...

Great use of the word 'already'. You've captured it here.

foto CHIP said...

Hi, I was looking for your SkyWatch but couldn´t find it :)
Have a nice week!

Darlene said...

Many moons ago (64 years ago to be exact) I visited my first Planetarium. The show ended with the way our planet might cease to exist; rotating off its axis and getting so far from the sun that an ice age killed everything or, conversely, getting so near the sun that it burned up. I think there was another way, but my memory is very selective now and I only remember the dramatic way they illustrated these possibilities.

The knowledge the astronomers had then was minute compared to what they have subsequently learned about the universe. It's truly awesome.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I love how the tension builds in this poem. Just like the tension from the birth of the sun! And, nice that we are part, and will always be a part, of the great cosmos.

Kat said...

You've solved a universal mystery...
With that one word "Already"..!!!