Thursday, May 28, 2009



I recall as clear as day...
It seems like only yesterday.....
My open suitcase lying in wait
For a most stupendous date.
I was off to college, all alone,
An adult, free and on my own!
The idea was heady, promising much,
New friends, new places, love and such.
Our 'front room' was the ideal place
To store a young adventurer's case.
It was rarely used, so the case stood there,
Open, and seemingly, aware
Of the place it held in a young girl's dreams.
Imbued with magic, now, it seems.
Every time something new was bought.....
A hairbrush or something of the sort;
New stockings or a bar of soap,
All became symbols of wild hope
That life was going to be so exciting!
The suitcase itself became inviting!
And the smell is something I can't forget!
The scent of newness! It's with me yet!
Every item a novelty.
Each one created just for me.
I'd creep to the room and merely sniff,
As if, as if, as if, as if ......
I could breathe in future days of glory
And write an ending to my story,
An ending involving eternal bliss!
Only the very young think like this!
The scent wore off as all scents do,
Now everything is old, not new.
But still a smile comes to my face
When I recall my first suitcase.

An even earlier memory here:


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Memories are wonderful to have. I can't remember my first Suitcase, but there are other things that will remind me of a wonder from the past.

One of our bus barns is next to the railway, when I work out of this garage I can smell the creosote from the railway, it immediately brings back a memory of my Dad taking me fishing back in Nova Scotia next to the railway. If we were lucky we'd get to see a train as well as get a nice batch of Trout.

Thank you for posting this.

Valerie said...

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I'm not sure where Alton is but I'm going to check it out. I live in the Midlands, not too far from the City of Birmingham.
I like your rhymes.... I like poetry that flows and makes sense on the first reading, without the reader having to work it out.
Nice to meet you, I'll be back.

quilly said...

And right now, an entire new generation are experiencing this timeless rite of passage -- which you have captured perfectly.

Ronda Laveen said...

Ahh, you made me remember my first suitcase. How fun!

Brian Miller said...

amazing the imagination of little ones and what t hey envision could go in a case so special. happy TT

Nessa said...

I always find suitcases exciting. They always invoke a sense of adventure.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I think my first suitcase was a hand-me-down. Massive thing, it was. Could pack in just about everthing. do cause one to bring back memories!

Baino said...

Oh that was so sweet. I still have a big red leather suitcase which my parents gave me. Now it sits in the top of my wardrobe, rarely opened but houses my greatest treasures and, it still has that 'smell'

The Clever Pup said...

Ah the moving-away-from-home suitcase. I had to go on my own, on a bus with one of those huge folding numbers. It had my pots and pans and dishes in it too. It weighed a ton.

California Girl said...

Now you all have me remembering my first suitcase, a powder blue Samsonite with some kind of scratchy pattern of faint lines in it. i think the inside was nice though, the silky looking fabric they used to put in suitcases. Definitely a Fifties color!

Melli said...

Suitcases are my BEST FRIEND!!! I love them! I don't get to visit with them neeeearly often enough...

Jaime said...

i don't remember my first suitcase - but after reading your post, i wish i could.

The Silver Fox said...

Fun poem! Loved it.

Kat said...

Jeeez. The nostalgia you can stir up..!!! Its wonderful.

I remember chugging in the train, with my old suitcase all packed - to stay in hostel - away from home.