Friday, May 8, 2009

On-Line 1930

suggests a piece based on THE SWITCHBOARD.

ON-LINE 1930

It's a glamorous job, no doubt,
Using all this modern technology.
And females do it! My word!
It goes against their biology!
They speak in dulcet tones;
Their plugs are deftly wielded;
And awkward questions at times,
Are equally deftly fielded.
Not a hair is out of place,
And no-one thinks of chatting.
It's better than sitting at home,
Learning to cook, or tatting.
They feel the commercial world
Is there at their finger-tips.
But, darlings, can't you see,
It's not doing a thing for your hips!

Learn more about old-time technology here:


Monda said...

I love this! That last line is hysterical. I'm so glad you're using the prompts on the site and I enjoy every single poem. Makes my day!

Kat said...

I too remember the plug and play switchboards, of yesteryears.

These days there's another technology called 'call-centres'. Heard that this too doesn't do any good to the hips..!!!!!