Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Anniversary


Last year, on May the thirty-first I tried my hand at Blogging!
I needed a new hobby! It was either that or jogging!
As I'm a sedentary dame, Blogging seemed appealing.
I thought I'd stick to poems, either silly or revealing.
The very day I started I knew that I was hooked!
In other words, I realised my poor old goose was cooked.
So I Blogged right through the Winter, I Blogged right through the Spring,
Through Summer and through Autumn I Blogged like anything!
Now May the thirty-first is here once more and, Allelujah!
Right through a whole darned year, my friends, I find I've socked it to ya!
Thank you to all who've been so kind as to read and follow me.
To my alter ego, Rinkly Rimes, Happy Anniversary!

(I'm going to kill-off poor old Rinkly! In future I'll add 'Bryantics' to the title and, eventually, delete the Rinkly bit!. Not only that but I intend to make my blog a little more of a diary, as I so enjoy other peoples' daily jottings. But I'll still write verse, of course.)


California Girl said...

Happy Anniversary! You are one heck of a Rhymin' Simon. Not sure why you're doing a name change. Perhaps you'll explain the name change significance to we non Brits?

Anonymous said...

'Tis a right day to celebrate! Happy anniversary, RR! And here's to more wonderful verse :)

Betty said...

Happy Anniversary. Please post your new URL. I'd hate to miss even a day of your blog!

Dr.John said...

Please don't quit writing verse. You excel .
Happy anniversary. How many poems in that time?

Eddie Bluelights said...

Happy Anniversary!
And thank you for visiting my blog - it was a very pleasant surprise - nice to meet you. I've just signed up as your follower ~ Eddie

Anonymous said...

Wow - a year already! I like the name Bry-antics BTW, very clever.

Darlene said...

Happy anniversary, Brenda. You have really been faithful in writing a rhyme every day. Congratulations on a job well done.


Only a year - and such a prolific output!
Wonderful. And giving so much joy to me and others. Happy anniversary Brenda, and do continue to entertain and amuse with your witty, but never unkind, verse.

quilly said...

Happy Anniversary! I know I have just come here of late, but please don't move on without telling us where to find you!

Delwyn said...


what an effort -well done...I wonder if I will last that long...only four months for me so far...

Your 'not so small talk' is spot on. We can discuss anything...and as you say the best part is the sharing and learning from each other.

Happy Days

Margaret Gosden said...

Congratulations! What a tour de force it has been! I look forward to your new approach - I like reading diaries, too. I look forward! I dare say I will get to like your new name - a new kind of rinkle?

Jo said...

Happy Anniversary Brenda;) Wonderful blogging. We wouldn't be sharing with you if you were jogging.(LOL) Do tell, why the name change? I love the Rinkly bit probably because I can relate, being in the rinkly stage quite a while already myself. I don't miss a single rhyme.

Bim said...

Happy Anniversary from me, too!

Kat said...

Till July 30th, you've churned out 904 Poems...!!!!

Ooooooh..!!!! That's stunning and what a GREAT ACHIEVEMENT..!!!!!

96 more to go to touch the Magic 1000.

(where are these Guiness book of Universe Records Gentlemen ???)

All of us have enjoyed the rinklies and surely will, the Bryanticism too..!!!