Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lady Jane Grey

Rather a sombre one for MY TRUE COLOURS this week.
The colour is, of course,


Do you recall being  seventeen?
I was carefree, hedonistic,
Romantic, giggly,
And utterly self-engrossed.
So, I suspect, were you.
We were teenagers.
The illustration is grey;
There could be no other colour for it.
The lady is Grey;
Lady Jane Grey.
Surely the weather was grey.
Tattered clouds must have
Swept across the sky.
Light rain must have fallen.
She could have saved herself
By choosing one form of Christianity
Over another.
'No big deal' some would say.
But she refused.
'I am ready to face death'
She said.
'I will gladly suffer death
If it is Her Majesty's pleasure'
She said.
'God grant you all your desires'
She said.
She recited a psalm.
She gave her gloves and prayer book to friends.
She tied her own scarf
Around her own eyes.
She forgave her executioner
'Most willingly'.
Into Thy hands
I commend my spirit.'
'And so', the account says,
'She ended.'
She was seventeen.
If there is a Heaven,
She is a teenager there.
I hope she's a 'Dancing Queen'.
Another sombre colour here:


2sweetnsaxy said...

Very nice! :-)

Darlene said...

A somber color and poem. Poor little teenager to be so dedicated that she gave up her life foolishly.

Kat said...

Puzzled.. why Her Majesty went around chopping 17 year old kids' heads..!!!

the maturity of the child has been brought out so well. I would've created a racket at 17...!!