Monday, May 4, 2009

Garden Gossip

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Here you see a typical Australian country house. It is not in the country now, as the town has grown up around it, but it still exudes a wonderful rural air. The same lady had lived there for fifty years and gardening is her passion.


I pass this garden in the car almost every day
And every time I wish that I could while the time away.
The lawn is quite immaculate with never a weed in sight;
The shrubs are varied in colour and graded as to height.
Seasonal flowers grow freely, whatever the time of year,
But they always blend with the bushes that 'chance' to be standing near.
I show you just a fraction; the rest is like a park;
In every little corner, the gardener's made her mark.
I took friend Joan to see her; she has green fingers too
And she wished to ask some questions. Well, gardeners often do.
I thought this scene of ladies sharing their gardening lore
Was absolutely charming, so, camera to the fore,
I snapped this little moment, this sweet idyllic scene,
Wishing very heartily that my poor thumbs were GREEN!

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Maggie said...

I enjoyed the story of the house, friends and seeing all the pretty flowers in the photo.

I guess I just imagined all of Australia as bein sort of flat and dry added to my knowledge today.

Maggie said...

A Question???

Why do you make people wait for their comment to be approved by you before showing it at your blog???


Very nice picture, and a lovely poem.

Reader Wil said...

You have such a talent to tell stories in verses. It's a gift! Thanks for sharing this garden.

Mari Meehan said...

Oh, what I would give to have such a lovely yard!

Winifred said...

I could do with her help in my garden. Well that's a bit of a misnomer. It's a lawn with a hedge and a few bushes. Flowers won't grow in my clay!

Never mind Brenda I'll just enjoy your poem and photo.

LA Nickers said...

This is adorable.

By the way, I just gave you an award - check it out here:

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floreta said...

that picture is too perfect! great scene to capture indeed.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely capture. I'm sure they're gossiping about the azalea in the next block.

Kitty said...

delightful! thanks!