Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Phlying Phobia!

suggests 'FEAR OF FLYING.'


Why shouldn't I be afraid! Anxiety isn't treason!
I'm terrified of flight and with a very good reason!
I don't believe in planes! I can't believe they're real!
How can something so heavy, made of iron and steel,
Full of of paunchy people, themselves all over-weight,
Plus animals and who-knows-what travelling as freight
Get off the ground in the first place and hover in the sky?
It's beyond my comprehension! I know I'm sure to die.
I'll be sitting in my little seat, up there in the clouds,
Conscious of other passengers, overwhelming crowds,
When suddenly it comes over me.... 'This is quite unreal!'
(And it's my misfortune NOT  to have nerves of steel!)
'I'm doing something impossible! Why shouldn't I feel alarmed?
How can I reach earth again and end this flight unharmed?
Surely that was a little cough in the engine to my right!
Every little pocket of air makes me shrink with fright!
This is my final moment! There are arm-rests I must clutch!
Aeroplanes just can't exist!
They simply weigh too much!'


Thumbelina said...

Oh wow - I came over from your sign in for Watery Wednesday... and look what I got!

Fabulous! What a pleasant surprise! A wonderful rhyme and so easy on the tongue - but full of meaning too. Very well composed.

Pop over and see my water when you have time! (my mum was born 1931 too and trained to be a teacher and was evacuated in WW2...)Sorry. Been reading your profile and was struck by the similarities. Except the going abroad bit. :0/

2sweetnsaxy said...

Great poem. I'm sure we've all thought the exact same thing... and yet, they do exist!

Maggie May said...

I know how you feel. I often am scared of flying too and often wonder how it is ever possible considering how much it all weighs.

Winifred said...

Oh I love this poem. It's so true isn't it.

I want to know why they charge you extra baggage if you've more than 20kg yet they let anyone of any size onto the plane. They don't say oh you're more than 75 kg so you have to pay extra baggage. Wouldn't it fairer to say you have 100 kg and it's up to you how it's used. The thinner you are the more baggage allowance you have.

Problem would be if you got a plane full of thin people all using their full baggage allowance you might not get everything in the hold!

Mari Meehan said...

You certainly captured my fear of flying!

Darlene said...

Funny, fully, funny! I have had the same thought many times.

Granny Smith said...

Airplanes do seem rather improbable. But so does the web that brings us instant communication across the oceans. But, since the web doesn't threaten one's life, just keep hanging on to those seat rests in the plane!

Unknown said...

Funny! :-D I really enjoyed this. I'm not crazy about flying either but I work real hard to relax. The regimen usually includes a couple of cocktails or glasses of wine with dinner (on overseas flights), of which I am making one this summer. Unless it's frightfully hot on the plane, because then I get sick and feel like I want to pass out. Yep. Flying sucks!

anthonynorth said...

Enjoyed this, but there's no need to fear flying at all. It's coming down we need to worry about :-)

photowannabe said...

This is so punny. No phear for me, but I don't understand how they stay yup either.

Inday said...

Ah Madam, let go of the little meandering. Once in a while we have to be bold and adventurous. Though I often wonder too just like you do for all the things you write in your ever fun-filled blog.

Bradley Hsi said...

I want to go to your ABC Wednesday but end up on your "Phobia" post. Very interesting and very original, always is a joy to read your post.

Monda said...

That's exactly why I put up this prompt! Flying feels completely unnatural to me and I have to pretend I'm riding in a bus the entire time.

It never works, by the way.

I love your poems!

Kat said...

I read somewhere that statistics prove that its safer in the air than on the roads..!!!!

still the feelings of the one in the aircraftt has been captured so well.