Saturday, May 30, 2009

Covert Operation!


printed this charming true story on her blog some time ago. I hope she likes this version of it. 


I tell the tale of two naughty girls! We were ten or eleven years old.
We were into secrets in a big way, secrets not to be told.
We whispered to each other that we badly needed mice.
Although we both had cats and dogs and all of them were nice,
We wanted tiny little pets we could hide inside the house.
And what better for a secret pet than a harmless little mouse?
We prepared with the utmost caution so everything was fine.
I even stole a little piece of my brother's railway line!
This was to make a sort of frame for my mouse to run around;
And I put it inside a cardboard box that, luckily, I'd found.
I made little air-holes in the box, and put in a tiny dish
For my mouse to use for food and drink, whatever it might wish.
We saved-up our pocket-money  and on the appointed day
We set off for the pet-shop, which was quite a way away.
We very quickly discovered there were only two mice left.
Bella bagged the white one; I felt cross and bereft
For I had to have the brown one and I really wanted white.
But Bella always got her way so I didn't put up a fight.
The two mice stayed the night in a spare room at Bella's house
And I went home and dreamed about my purchase of a mouse.
But our dream was rudely shattered, as soon as morning came!
Bella's cat went ballistic and it was normally so tame.
It scratched to get inside the room and once it saw its prey
It gobbled up my brown mouse! The white one got away!
But the white one jumped inside a drawer and peed on laundry there!
And visitors were expected! The room had been cleaned with care!
When my mother heard the story she really blew her top!
I was called a 'bad influence' ! Our adventure was a flop!
The mouse had cost me a shilling, and I hadn't wanted the brown!
I felt that life was most unfair. It really got me down!
Bella bought a proper mouse-house for her wretched little creature!
It had a window made of glass as a very special feature!
We're no longer 'naughty girls, well, not little ones at least,
And Bella lives in America, far away to the East.
But I've never quite forgiven her, let her never doubt it!

If only we could meet again and have a good laugh about it!

Another celebration of friendship here:


Dr.John said...

Another good poem filled with your real life.
Like all good poetry it brings back memories to me related to its theme.

quilly said...

Oh what fun! My brother had pet mice and one night they escaped, causing much commotion from the cat, the dog, my brother, the mice and my parents. It was all very entertaining. Better than TV even! Thanks for the memory!

Maggie May said...

Oh my...... that was a surprise. No, I don't mind you using my work as long as you say it's mine and that you put in the link!
Glad that you found it interesting enough to want to do it!

anthonynorth said...

That was fun. Except for one of the mice, of course.

Valerie said...

Awww the poor wee mice! I enjoyed this immensely.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Wonderful Poem, fun to read. You never did say if you got your White Mouse.

Patty said...

Clever poem, perhaps your friend could even buy you a white mouse as a pet and to keep you company.

Americanising Desi said...

ooohh what clever works you put around the prompt!
feel sorry for that lil mouse ;)

Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, cleverly done!

Anonymous said...

wonderful! such good structure to your rhyming! really enjoyed it. -Meg

Tumblewords: said...

What fun - mostly! Love the push/pull of the little girls - great poem.

Frances said...

What a charming story.
I had a look-see round some of your blogs.
It was really quite a treat.

Dee Martin said...

This made me laugh out loud :)

linda may said...

Oh that little girl did get ripped off over that mouse.
Reminds me of when my eldest son had a mouse in a plastic house that he refused to clean, he went to school and I cleaned the house and left it out the back on top of the fish pond to dry and forgot it. When I went back to get it the mouse had cooked in the sun and died. I didn't live that one down for a long time. OOPS!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

What a story! I love it, even if the poor mouse DID get eaten. Around here, they get their necks broken and then are abandoned once they're not as much fun anymore.

Kat said...

Sounded so much Tom and Jerry..!! sigh... the brown one wasn't smart enough..!!!