Monday, May 25, 2009

Chewing the Fat


Do you ever 'chew the fat',
Sitting around, having a chat?
And have you ever wondered at
That singular expression?
Once, pork was a most expensive meat
That only the wealthy folk could eat
And they'd ask their friends from down the street
To a tasty roast pork session.
The meat was hung up on display
So all the visitors could say
'How much did you have to pay
For such a tasty dinner?'
And the gentleman who was mine host
Was thrilled to bits and drank a toast!
'Here's to my pork!' he used to boast,
Knowing he was a winner.
And, as the friends in a circle sat
They pulled off crispy bits of fat
And they would chat and chew and chat
And pass around the platter.
And still we like to use the phrase,
Because, though we have modern ways,
We like, as in the olden days,
To sit around and chatter.

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Patty said...

Nothing better than a piece of crispy pork fat that's been seasoned with salt and pepper..

Jo said...

Brenda, that is SO interesting. Our family still uses the expression. It doesn't make sense here in our town though, because Afrikaans is predominately spoken here. They don't even know what a pun is - there is nothing like that in Afrikaans.

Elizabeth said...

Nothing I like better than a good chin-wag!
Greetings from New York.

Dr.John said...

Every time I come here I get a treat.

Kat said...

The porky pig is now running a flu..!!!

budh.aaah said...

That expression is something new I learnt here, since am a vegetarian :) very interesting

Kim, USA said...

Brenda you are very talented. Love it!
Theme Thursday

Anonymous said...

Very good!