Sunday, May 24, 2009

On With the Game!


A man heads here when he matures....
The Bowling Green.
Where old age chivalry endures
And life's serene.
Where the grass is always clipped just so
(That's if it's real)
And all the dear old codgers go;
It has appeal.
The Ladies too can always play
(Sometimes they're 'mixed')
But limited to a special day
Which must be fixed.
For all the olde worlde charm that's found,
The manners too,
Little feuds and rows abound
Out of the blue.
Drama, happiness and sport,
All can be seen!
It's like an Oldies' Tennis Court,
The Bowling Green!

Another view of sport here:


Jo said...

Ah Brenda, what a green and serene photo. I can almost hear the click-click of the woods. I don't know or play the sport at all but it is very popular in South Africa as well, mainly with the "wrinklies" but quite a few younger people play as well. Once again, I enjoyed your rhyme.

Bim said...

Wow - that looks so tidy!

Baruch said...

Great poem to go with your photo

Bim said...

Thanks for the good-night-laugh :)
I do at times loose all will to live when I have to stand in the cold river for too long, but the pale white blob is the reflection of the feeble English sun peeping out between the clouds for 1 second.

A Wild Thing said...

There's something comforting in your words, possibly tradition. The love of an old game and the willingness to keep it's tradition alive and they're not killing each other for points(I don't think)?!

Unknown said...

Another great poem. You really capture the essence.

Guy D said...

Great shot Brenda, my wife and I love lawn bowling.

Regina In Pictures

Lilibeth said...

Ah! a great game for the old codgers. I loved your poem about it.

George S Batty said...

Glad to see it is not as slow as it looks and the "old Folk" can still get in to it. love your poem.

Marja said...

Lovely poem Here in NZ they play that a lot too

Tumblewords: said...

Looks like fun to me! Good poem!

Old Egg said...

There is no doubt about it, you always come up with the goods. Great work again.

linda may said...

Three generations of my family members have played bowls. Not me, I am very co-ordination challenged so I don't even try.Nice writing though, as usual of you.