Friday, October 5, 2012

Proof Positive


asks for some comedy


The policeman stopped Roberto's car and said that he was needing
His licence and other documents because he'd seen him speeding.
'I'm sure I wasn't, officer'....thus Roberto spoke....
'To say that I was speeding is simply just a joke.'
'It's certainly no joke, my man' the policeman, quickly, said;
'Breathe into this bag at once so your readings can be read!'
Of course the police equipment proved that he was inebriated,
Roberto snapped 'It cannot be the figure that you've stated!
Your equipment must be faulty. I think it's a disgrace
To have traffic cops of the likes of you hanging around the place!'
'Just watch your tongue!' cried the Officer 'Let the law take it's course!
How dare you sit there and criticise a member of the force!'
Roberto shouted 'You're lying! I'm as sober as can be!
And I will run you over if you don't get away from me!'
Then timid little Elsie, who'd been in the passenger seat,
Piped up and said, in a voice that was placating, soft and sweet....
'Take no notice of him, Officer; he always kicks up a stink
And gets very argumentative, when he's had too much to drink!'
Blake with a Mullard relation, Sam.


What they gazed  at long ago
Is clearly not for me to know.
They see a picture that delights;
Something they have in their sights.
The digital age, when all the action
Is captured in instant satisfaction.
They capture an image, and so do I;
Something to treasure as the years go by.


Unknown said...

very thoughtful humor poetry.

Thanks for sharing.

Myrna R. said...

I love the creativity in these. The first so funny, the second so tender. Nice to read.

Anonymous said...

very creative.

Unknown said...

superb entry.

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

quite profound.

Anonymous said...

you write with love and talents.

keep shining.

Unknown said...

you are super creative.

Anonymous said...

rich and witty humor.