Sunday, October 21, 2012



I think I was a feminist
Way, way before my time.
And now I can explain it
By means of a Rinkly Rime.
I was a little evacuee
During the second world war
And my hosts expected me to do
A certain evening chore.
After the meal was over.
Whatever were my wishes,
I was given a tea towel
With which to dry the dishes.
The son of the house was older
By only one short year
But did he have to do the drying?
Goodness me! No fear!
When I queried the situation
 I certainly got no joy.......
'What! Trevor do the dishes!
Don't be silly, dear! He's a boy!'
And in that short split second
I became a Suffragette.
(Historically, maybe not
But I feel the seething yet!)
It seemed so terribly unfair
And when I became a wife
I still objected to 'women's work'
Though it was my lot in life.

(An Acrostic)

To tell the truth, at Halloween
Rarely have I felt too keen.
I've lived my life in various places,
Countries where those Pumpkin Faces,
Kids as Ghosts and Witchy creatures,
Often with very scary features,
Revel in knocking at the door.
Truly, I find it all a bore!
Recently, in the Land of Oz,
Even we've succumbed because
Australians copy other nations,
Taking-over their celebrations.
Commercialism likes the date
But I fear, with me, it doesn't rate.


Maude Lynn said...

These days, I feel just that way about Halloween!

Barbara said...

Interesting but that was the way was it not. I was too young when evacuated to do the dishes!!