Thursday, October 25, 2012



we are asked to use the three words in blue


Elections, whether here or there,
Are something I find hard to bear.
I feel I'm being manipulated
And that is something I've always hated.
Labour and liberal, right or left,
Politicians all, are deft
At spin, a modern term expressing
Trickery, and that's depressing.
They dangle carrots , tell lies neatly,
And make me lose confidence completely.
Why don't they tell the truth and say......
"Sometimes I will lose my way,
Sometimes I will get things wrong,
Stumble as I go along.
The other side has great ideas
I've copied some of them for years.
I'm only human, just like you.
But somehow I will muddle through."
Instead of which they stand and crow
About how well our lives will go,
How rich we'll be, how safely guarded.
With such rubbish were bombarded.
And each and every new orator
Speaks to the lowest denominator
Experience, over the years, has taught......
Take everything with a pinch of salt.


Nigel was a perfect gent;
I knew that from the start.
He was just the sort of well-bred chap
To win my timid heart.
He wore a tie, while Max and Jim
Were always rather rumpled.
His clothes were always perfectly pressed;
He was never creased and crumpled.
Being a ladylike sort of girl
I admired his savoir faire
I thought the two of us would really click,
And end up as a pair.
He had a job at the local bank;
Not well-paid but secure.
And all his conversation
Was beyond reproach and pure.
Max and Jim told dirty jokes
And guffawed in their beer.
Nigel never stooped so low;
He really was a dear.
It was fine on the journey home
Until we turned the corner,
When, suddenly, he turned and said
'Let's strip off in the sauna'!
I was completely flabbergasted!
He must have seen me wince.
But he really won me over
And we haven't looked back since!


Old Egg said...

Do you remember saying like I do about politicians "well they can't get any worse" but they always do!

Nigel clearly knew when to turn up the heat!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

A shovel full of salt may be needed for my local politicians.

Sheilagh Lee said...

yes take politicians with a grain of salt.

it's always the ones who are rumpled and different who attract us.And sometimes they are the best ones to keep

Jazzbumpa said...

Sheep's clothing is cute.

I really like the ELECTIONS poem.

Here in the U.S. it will be over soon.

For a while . . .