Sunday, October 7, 2012

Falling Leaves

Word limit 105


(Written in an Australian Spring!)

How beautifully leaves grow old,
Changing from green to red and gold!
Look up into an Autumn tree
And then, for sure, you are bound to see,
The sunshine gleaming through each leaf,
More golden because the time is brief.
Then, one by one, leaves start to crisp;
The rustling makes a papery lisp.
One falls, and drifts, blown by the breeze,
To join all the others beneath the trees.
They settle with a soft and gentle sigh
Lying so low, where they once were high.
They become new soil for the life next year,
When the new fresh buds will soon appear.


You've suffered from it! Yes you have!
It happens to us all,
Whether we're teeny-weeny
Or more than seven feet tall.
It happens when we're very cold
Or aware of something weird.
It happens when we find we're faced
With something to be feared.
Nature wants to protect us,
From something that's atrocious,
And so it bristles up our hairs
To make us look ferocious!
Sadly for us, the hairs we have
Are simply not sufficient;
Some wild animals can double in size
Because they're so efficient.
The hairs come up, the body seems
To grow before our eyes!
A suddenly-doubling animal
Can be a great surprise!
But our poor hairs are feeble
And so, to our regret,
When we try horripilation
GOOSE BUMPS are all we get.

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