Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dolphin Dive

Jimmys Beach NSW



My son-in-law's at home in water,
Unlike his land-locked wife, my daughter!
I often think how much we miss,
 When I see enjoyment such as this.
I wish my young days had been spent
In a watery environment.


Since thou look'st at me askance
And leads thy Witch a merry dance
I'll now prepare an incantation,
Suited to this situation.
May thy keyboard jam and stick!
May thy mouse refuse to click!
May thy cursor be accursed
May thy arrows be reversed!
May thy screen be smeared with goo
May thy pictures be askew!
May thy microphone fall dumb!
May thy thingammyjig succumb!
Then..... when I see the state thou'rt in,
I shall cast thee in the bin!

1 comment:

MozInOz said...

nice thought Brenda ...but I grew up beachside and never swim in the waves now. Where you see dolphins ... I see shark fins! And the only way those buggars are going to get me is if they swim up through the plug hole. Like you tho' I enjoy watching others enjoyment - I just don't envy them!