Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Due Credit



Not given enough
The credit due is ignored
Your praise warms a heart


'Dignity' , an old-time word that now we rarely hear.
The here and now demand a different view.
Life has become too urgent, pandemonium too near,
 Everything is bold and brash and new.
We scrape a living, build a life, as the world goes roaring past.
Everything is jolt and cut and thrust.
We line our pockets, pass our tests, as everything moves fast,
Forgetting simple things like truth and trust.
Turn back the clock for just a while, move at a slower pace;
Forget each crass and crazed celebrity.
And concentrate on words like 'gentle', 'cordial' and 'grace'
And try to fill this life with dignity.


Meryl said...

Sweet rhymes. Sometimes though, I find dignity a somewhat 'dirty' word. So often it is demanded when not due, and so often mistakes are made because it is overweighed... I prefer integrity. Great post and rhymes - made me think!!! Thanks.

Tara Tyler said...

kudos to a job well done! credited to you!

carol l mckenna said...

Pensive haiku ~ asking great question as does your poetry ~ wonder myself many times ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Maude Lynn said...

We could use a bit more dignity!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

More heartwarming in the world, more heartwarming!