Wednesday, October 10, 2012



(The fear of poetry)

To think that there could actually be
People afraid of poetry!
I can understand being just luke-warm
About this literary form.
There are some who think there's nothing worse
Than reading lines of rhyming verse.
I understand that attitude
Although I think their taste is crude!
But to be afraid! That's quite excessive!
My verses may not be impressive
But surely no-one shakes with fright
When they read the words I write!
Do they cower beneath the bed
When words in rhyme are heard or read?
Although I know it seems absurd,
Metrophobia is a word!
'Fear of poetry' exists!
Add it to your strange-word list.
                                       Margaret Gosden


The sky invented geometry,
That is plain to see.
Angles and dissections,
Perfect geometry.
Some lines may be man-made,
Hanging there on high,
But the canvas shows the blue and gold
Of an English summer sky.

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