Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Pathos

letter 'P'


I sing of the pumpkin,
So golden of hue,
Which wakes in the meadow
All sparkling with dew.
He knows that he's ready
And fatly mature.
He'll end up as dinner
Of that he is sure.
Imagine the shock
When he's carved with a knife!
It's not how he thought
He would exit this life.

His mother had told him
He'd be on a plate,
And he had been, secretly,
Proud of this fate.
He knew he'd be tasty,
He knew he'd be praised,
And he knew that for this
Useful task he'd been raised.
I sing of the pumpkin
Who's really surprised
When he finds as a human

He has been disguised.
They've chopped and they've gouged
Till he looks like a man!
He hadn't expected 
This change to the plan!
When someone lights a candle

Inside his carved shell,

How the pumpkin reacts

It's not easy to tell.

But suffice it to say

(And, I beg you, don't mock)
Our big handsome pumpkin
Is in for a shock.


Losing love is like losing life;
The pain of it twists like a knife.
Everything single thing he said
Writhes and pierces in your head.
You feel that you cannot go on,
Because your Only Love  has gone.
You're completely devastated;
When he said 'Love' was it then he Hated?
Has it all been a pretence?
Nothing's making any sense.
The thought of death is in your mind;

So sweet, so soft, so dark, so kind.

Death, which could take the pain away

And, at the same time, make him pay!

How he'll suffer when he learns
That you've gone to the land of No Returns!
Maybe you'll hover above his head
And hear his response to the sad words said....
'She's killed herself! Oh no! Oh no!
Why did someone so lovely go?
She was an angel! I see that now!
I'll repent for ever! This I vow!'
You'll have had your revenge. You'll have saved your pride.
In the course of which, of course, you've died!
I was a young girl long ago,

So this sad scenario I know.

This is a message I send in rhyme;

'It'll get better, given time.'

Punish him by living well.
Play-acting can often break a spell.
Pretend his hateful words weren't spoken
Pretend your heart was never broken.
Go out and act a happy part;
Then watch the healing process start!
In months, or, maybe, in a year
You'll forget you ever shed a tear.
Suicidal thoughts will have truly waned;
Instead if losing, you'll have gained.
You'll be involved in your Plan B
And Lover Boy will be......


PhenoMenon, ABCWTeam said...

I just love that pumpkin. Scary and I like scary !!

PhenoMenon, ABCW Team

Ann said...

Delightful poem about the woes of Mr. Pumpkin.

Roger Owen Green said...

"Hell end up as dinner." I THINK you meant an apostrophe in there. Or maybe...NOT...

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Lmkazmierczak said...

Ordinary Words....Excellent rites♫

Splendid Little Stars said...

Oh! the shock that pumpkin is in for! But perhaps he'll also get to see a few strange smallish people when he's all lit up!