Saturday, October 13, 2012




You expected me to be miserable when you gave back the ring.
Instead a lark hopped into my heart and it began to sing!
For weeks I'd nursed a worry, inside my turmoiled brain;
Our romance wasn't working, but I couldn't snap the chain.
When first we'd met we'd been so good that we'd even set the date.
We knew we were meant for each other and we could hardly wait.
But, recently, a shard of ice had inhabited my heart;
I knew I no longer loved you, but it was too hard to part.
Your dress was made, the cake prepared, the relatives invited,
Everyone spoke in glowing terms of the day we'd be united.
And so, today, when you blurted out that the love you'd felt had died,
And that you felt just terrible but you couldn't be my bride, 
I immediately felt detached, and sort of floating free.
I was no longer 'the partner'; I was completely me!
A great weight lifted from me; I was light as air;
I was my own person, not one half of a pair.
Of course, I was a gentleman; I didn't let you know
That I was really over the moon and you hadn't laid me low!
'You've broken my heart!'......yes, I said it, but my tongue was in my cheek.
'I'm sorry!'.......yes, you said it, and a tear ran down your cheek.
And then then we simply parted, regret was not a risk.
And my step as I walked down the street was brave and bright and brisk.

                                       Cockle Creek Australia


I saw the Danube one fine day
When I chanced to be on a holiday.
Dreams of romance were in my mind;
Who knew what I would chance to find
Strolling along by the river-side
Blue and sparkling, clear and wide?
'The Blue Danube' echoed in my heart
And strains of Strauss began to start.
I knew that I'd be swept away
To another age, another day.
Now, maybe the dull day was to blame,
But the river did not live up to its name.
I apologise to my Austrian friends
But I feel that they should make amends.
All that publicity led me to
A river which was quite un-blue!
Donkey-brown and not a glimmer
Of sparkles that could have made it shimmer!
Strauss cancelled his concert in my brain
When he saw the Danube was under rain.
Now, please take note of the illustration
With which I began this conversation.
Here is a river that makes no claim
To having a world-wide remembered name.
Here is a modest little stream
That meanders on and would never dream
Of dabbling in publicity
Or of being more than it's meant to be.
Behold the Blue River of which I speak.
Here, on the map, is Cockle Creek!

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Kay L. Davies said...

Great job with the three words, Brenda. I wish that had happened before I married Old Whatsisname the First, when I was young and foolish.
And the Danube...we're going to be cruising on it next month, and I really don't expect it to be blue in November. I'm taking my long winter coat and lots of warm woolies.