Saturday, October 20, 2012


A sign that really says it all.
Chances of staying alive are small!
And yet it seems that your estate,
Will not be saved by your awful fate!
As soon as you are the dear departed
And off to the cemetery you are carted
Your piggy bank will  be invaded
Before the memory of you has faded!
Better play safe and just obey.
Stay alive and stay away!



It was such a small accident.
Just a little altercation with the kerb.
I bumped my head, but only slightly.
I touch the spot with my tissue;
Only a speck of blood.
I sit quite still for a few moments.
Now I'm fine to drive home.
Except that......
The world has gone mad.
The up is down and the down is up!
Buildings are falling-in on me!
Everything is reflecting 
Off everything else!
Duplication, duplication 
The colour has drained away.
Odd creatures cross the street.
What are they?
My head is beginning to throb.
The pain!
I think I remember how to drive....
I must get home quickly.
Where is home?
When I get there
Little I'll lie have bed on a down the I think..............

1 comment:

Kay L. Davies said...

A very funny sign: I can just imagine the posthumous bill collectors.
And a very serious warning about head bumps than can lead to confusion. More truth than fiction here.