Saturday, October 6, 2012

High Hopes


We are asked to consider 'our Fall' but as it's Springtime here my contribution is about a fall of another sort.


They had such high hopes on the day they ordered the wedding cake,
And they planned the perfect wedding on the shores of a crystal lake.
She bought a wonderful wedding dress, and he bought a great tuxedo,
And both of them were thinking a lot about their mutual libido.
The cake was pink perfection, topped with a groom and bride,
Standing, lovingly entwined, adoringly, side by side.
But as they left the altar on their triumphal march,
With the members of the Scout Group holding a floral arch,
He spied Kirsty Ainsworth,  a girl-friend from long ago,
And he stopped in his tracks and, meaningfully, murmured a soft 'Hallo'.
For a long, long second he gazed at her, with his new wife on his arm,
And even the Reverend Fortescue viewed the meeting with alarm!
'You wait till I get you home, you rat'! These were the words of the wife.
It has to be said the portents weren't too good for their married life!
When they entered the marquee for the long-planned wedding-reception,
The eyes of all the wedding-guests were drawn in the same direction.
There was the cake, resplendent, but, sadly, all askew.
Sometimes, my dear readers, dreams do NOT come true!


When we are in our giddy teens
In shabby shirts and faded jeans,
Possibilities abound
Lots of Plan 'A's can be found.
'I'm going to marry lots of money',
'I'll be a comic.....very funny',
'I'm going to climb Mount Everest',
'I'll be more beautiful than the rest',
'I shall be a politician'
'I'll be a famous dietician.'
But most of us, it seems to me,
Have to fall-back on Plan 'B'.
You realise, at a certain age,
That you're not going to make it on the stage.
That great Australian novel, you found,
Never quite got off the ground.
You married Ned with the squeaky voice;
There wasn't a great deal of choice.
That virus that you, sadly, caught,
Meant you'd never be an astronaut.
There are those that live their dream,
They plot, they plan, they fiercely scheme,
But even those so-envied folk
Often find that life's no joke.
Broken marriages, and ill-health
Often dog those blessed with wealth.
What we have to do, it seems to me,
Is approach our second-best, Plan 'B',
As though it were an ideal life,
Not just a teacher, just a wife,
And then we may find out one day
That all along it was Plan 'A'.


Winifred said...

Love the poem & that cake is fabulous! I've made a few wedding cakes but none like that.

Rose Garden Malevik said...

woow.....Lovley Poem and a wonderful cake :)
and do not miss the.....


it is FUN :)
HÃ¥kan ( The Roseman)