Tuesday, October 9, 2012




Show me an angel and I'll believe
That angels do exist.
That would be proof positive
That I could not resist.
And I don't mean that 'little angel',
That toddler in your street;
She is just a human child
Pretty, warm and sweet.
And I don't mean that angelic nurse
That 'angel' by your bed,
Without whose dedication
You, most likely, would be dead.
I mean an angel from above,
With wide, expansive wings,
Who flutters up above you
And likes to take care of things.
These angels  are like fairies,
Just in a longer dress,
The reason for their existence
Is our need for happiness.
They are imaginary friends,
Harmless but quite unreal,
Although they have, I must agree,
A picture-book appeal.
I don't believe in Santa Claus,
And Ghosts I tend to mock,
And if I saw a Yeti
It would give me quite a shock.
We've got to cope all on our own;
Angels? I simply doubt them.
Although we wish that they were true
We've got to cope without them.


Maxine! You look in the pink!
Why ever is it that you think
That you need so much medication
To prolong your healthy situation?
Worrying about ill-health I'm sure
Invites the doctor to your door.
My attitude is very simple....
If you consider every pimple
To be a dire and ghastly threat
You'll toss and turn and fume and fret
And think yourself into malaise!
Too much worrying never pays.
If every little ache and pain,
Bruise and rash and stress and strain
Makes you rush for another pill,
You'll be thinking yourself ill.
Get up from that cosy bed;
Go for a good long walk instead.
Maxine, heed my salutations.
I'm off to swallow my medications.


California Girl said...

Nooooo! I believe in angels. I believe in Tinker Bell.

I'm going to clap my hands now.

Catch My Words said...

Perhaps that wonderful nurse or cute little toddler is the angel that God sent to us to his deeds.


Kris McCracken said...

Angel of the Morning?

Mrsupole said...

I did not believe in Angels but have to say that I feel they are out there. Not just the winged Angels but the human angels. Angels are wonderful. Angels do beautiful things.

Thanks for such a lovely Angel rhyme for this weeks Theme Thursday. Angels rock. Have a great weekend.

God bless.

Sayantini said...

Angels in the form of human beings and animals too! I believe in them too. Nice concept, nice work!!

Susan said...

I love "flutterers" because of its bouncy rhyming rhythm and because of all the territory it covers in thinking through the flutterer question. Fun.