Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two Little Boys



Two little boys in a great big world,
Happily engrossed

In Hong Kong's towering buildings;

Which one do they like most?

But their 'great big world' is tiny!
They can fly from place to place;
They think nothing of jetting
Away from their Australian base.
When I was their age, or older,
My world was really immense;
I couldn't imagine the vastness
Beyond our garden fence.
As for traveling overseas.......
That was a crazy notion.
I could picture the Channel
But not a great wide ocean.
I don't think I spoke on a telephone
Till I was in my teens.
  My grandsons look at iPads
And see amazing scenes.
But I do not envy them
Their small, available Sphere,
A world that is so reachable
And touchable and near.
My world was far more amazing
Because it was in my mind.
Full of possibilities,
Hiding for me to find.



We click and click so effortlessly;
We click at everything we see.
Those we don't fancy we then 'delete''
So we click, click, click walking down the street.
But Canaletto, in the past,
Made images that were made to last.
Bridges and every blade of grass
Were not mere things that he would pass;
Ragged clouds rolling through the sky
Were not just items floating by;
They were beauties to preserve,
And that he did with grace and verve.
Before beginning he had to drag
His easel and he dared not flag;
He had to choose an elevation
Exactly right for the situation.
He had to climb on sills and ledges,
Striding over walls and ledges.
No doubt he stretched his aching back;
And he'd straighten to bring the feeling back.
After such physical exercise
Complete collapse would not surprise.
Modern man, without a doubt,
Would feel completely rusted-out.
The head would nod, the eyes would glaze
And we'd go to bed for several days!
 Canaletto made his great climbs
To preserve his scenes for later times.
But I've a feeling that he would
Have 'clicked' like us, if he only could!

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