Friday, October 5, 2012

Hopeless Love

asks us to attempt a minnesang

A minnesang is a courtly love-poem style from 12th century Germany, usually set to music and nearly always dealing with unrequited love.


Our eyes meet and I know that love,
That mingling of heart and mind,
Is flowing to me from above.........
Your gaze is of a loving kind.
And yet, your great nobility
Cannot, will not stoop to me.

For you are destined for a King,
While I am but a lowly knight.
You speak, and all the angels sing;
You smile, the world is flushed with light.
But, for all my manly chivalry
You cannot, will not stoop to me.


One expression everyone knows
Is that French one.... 'Vie en rose'.
Looking at life through a rosy glow
Is better than facing the status quo.
And, surely, a rosy bicyclette
Is the very best thing discovered yet
For whizzing through life without a care,
Blithe and young and free of care.
Pessimists say, of course, at this juncture.......
'It's bound to'll get a puncture!'

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