Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's Not!



I'm a member of a generation
Brought up respecting punctuation.
I no longer really fret
About its daily use, and yet
I can see it has some uses,
Though there are some who make excuses
For slapdash writing, saying that
'All that old stuff is old hat!'
But, see above! There are occasions,
Really vital situations,
When a tiny comma can make a mark
Preserving Grandpa's vital spark!

(An Acrostic)

Children are our future, our immortality.
How anyone can harm a child is beyond belief to me.
It horrifies and saddens anyone with half a heart!
Listening to tales of horror tears us all apart.
Demons must inhabit those who harm our little ones.
All are someone's daughters; all are someone's sons!
Babies in the cradle sometimes lack security!
Unless we all watch out for them how sad their lives will be!
Sympathy is not enough! Raise a banner high!
Everybody has a duty to heed each small child's cry.
Carole organised a particularly pleasant walk for Saturday. We car-pooled and went to Swansea to walk along the Channel. The weather was blustery but spring-like and we took 6000 steps! We walked back through the town invading a few dress-shops before we had a tasty lunch at the RSL and came home. A great day.
Off we go!
Spring has sprung.
Five old wrecks!
Badly lit but otherwise good of everyone.
Maureen, Barbara, Gloria, Pam, Nancy, Jan, Carole and me.


Word Tosser said...

I agree about the children... I wrote a post a few years back about "since when are children disposable? And single women who leave their children with boyfriends infuriates me.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Both poems are excellent.

I know how hard acrostics can be to do. :)

ford dagenham said...

re Lets Not. over enthusiastic use of 'inverted commas' drives me batty.