Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Shape of Things to Come

Two members of my family last weekend.
Jimmy's Beach NSW



So Spring arrives with birds and bees
And spikes on all the bottle-brush trees.
It's not the Spring of my early years,
But I don't don't waste my time on tears,
Yearning for the daffodils
I used to see on 'Wordsworth's' hills.
Spring in Australia doesn't creep
In subtly, after a winter's sleep.
It just appears! One day it's there,
With flowers growing everywhere.
And, suddenly, the beach is king
With all the seagulls clamouring.
The water still is far too cold
For all but the very brave and bold,
But Summer's promise is there all right;
And the sun is strong and big and bright.
When Summer arrives we may complain,
Saying 'It's far too hot again!',
But just for now all is perfection
And we're heading in the right direction.

Six letters, six words, six lines.

(An acrostic)

Six letters, six words, six lines

Motivation is the really vital key.
Often we are overcome by lethargy
Various excuses raise a weary head.
It seems much superior in bed.
Now's the time to spurn inaction.
Get up! Get out! Experience satisfaction!


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Unknown said...

Great job, such creativity!!