Monday, October 15, 2012


                                                                     (An Acrostic)

Summer, and the skies are blue,
Unless, of course, it rains on you!
Never mind, tomorrow's skies
Surely will bring a nice surprise.
Heavenly weather soothes the mind;
It helps a lot when life's unkind.
Nature blossoms in the sun
Energy floods through everyone.


It's happened to me in the past......
The ideas hit me thick and fast
When I am walking down the street
Or at the butcher's buying meat
Or giving pots and pans a scour
Or even soaking in the shower!
These are times I would not choose
To receive a visit from my Muse!
Sometimes it happens to me when
I haven't even got a pen,
Or even paper! Not a scrap.
And then my Muse, the poor old chap,
Decides, right there, that he's had enough
And leaves my brain in an awful huff.
Some time later, at my ease,
I'm at the computer saying 'Please!
Please return, beloved Muse!'
And, blow me, if he doesn't refuse!
I find he's given me the slip.
A very awkward relationship.
thought-recorder's what I need.
And here and now I plant the seed,
Suggesting to technology
That it creates one just for me.
A thought-recorder would be new....
(No! Voice-recorders just wont do;
They're hard to activate I think
When ones hands are deep in the kitchen-sink!)
But the neatest invention of them all
Would be a service called 'Muse-On-Call.'

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Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Excellent acrostic, and I enjoyed Writers Block as well!