Sunday, October 7, 2012

Water Bird



Only I, yes, only I
Am at home in water, land and sky.
Sated with fish I take my ease,
Drying my wings in the summer breeze.
Human beings cannot soar,
Fish don't know what land is for,
The little sparrow is not free
To dip and plunge in the raging sea.
I'm a multi-purpose creature
And a charming shadow is a feature.
See me pose and see me preen,
Adding to the watery scene.

We were asked to use all the words in blue.


Women are no longer just birdlike and quivering.
Cowed by glances from the males, abject, pale and shivering.
They are Boadiceas, hordes of them descending,
With studded shields and helmets, the line comes, never-ending.
Not for them the plate-rack! No need for them to crawl!

You'll see them up there at the bar, maybe having a brawl!
Sometimes there's a little hitch, sometimes they goof a bit,
But anywhere a female blooms she's going to be a hit!
*Pity about the bra!

1 comment:

Gemma Wiseman said...

As always, I'm chuckling! Love the "bra" add on! And the idea of a multi-purpose water bird is a very creative thought!