Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Small Pleasure

Early morning 



Just view from out my window;
Just a small suburban plot.
And an owner of a green thumb
I most certainly am not.
But I love my little garden
With its comfortable seats
Even if I never manage
Any horticultural feats.
Now it's spring, the plants are sprouting
Without any help from me;
Most are grown from others' flowerings,
(Little acts of larceny.)
You may dream of rolling acres,
Lawns that spread from here to there,
Giant trees that wave their branches
High into the friendly air.
 But my garden is so handy.....
Simply step outside the door
With a steaming cup of coffee!
No-one could ask for more.
                                           Gerald Gee


Variegated size and tint;
Similarities? A hint.
The DNA wheel spins around;
In for a penny, in for a pound!
What we land on goodness knows!
Granny's ears or Uncle's nose.
Auntie Annie's double chin
And her liking for pink gin.
A distant cousin's high-pitched laugh;
Her neck resembling a giraffe.
Sometimes, maybe, we inherit
A little something with some merit:
A  rosebud mouth like Auntie Ann's
Or a head of hair like Uncle Dan's.
The scientists head in the direction
Of creating babies of perfection.
They'll tweak the egg or tweak the sperm
( The thought of it just makes me squirm)
And out will pop this perfect creature,
Glorious in every feature.
How boring! How devoid of charm!
I view the future with alarm!
View the row of folk above
To see what I am speaking of.
Not one of them is without a flaw!
They drew wrong numbers in life's draw.
But when I see people such as these
I long to give them all a SQUEEEEEEZE!
We have just given a presentation of 'Cindy Eller' at a Maitland church. We were treated right royally with a tasty morning tea and a handsome gift and we all enjoyed ourselves. We had to make one or two alterations at the last minute as our pianist is unwell and our 'Prince' had sudden family problems. Such is the way of the world with our group! But Yvonne, fresh from a knee replacement (!) and Betty (who had to drag herself away from the arms of a lover!!!!!) filled in beautifully and I managed to be a Fairy Queen who also acted as Reader, so we got there!It all adds to life's rich tapestry!Afterwards we had a light lunch at one of our favourite restaurants at the Heritage Gardens.

The Chorus Line!

Wonderful facial expressions all round.

A rather elderly Fairy Queen!

Not a good shot but a delightful pose.

This is what True Love looks like . (One always tends to catch flies when this happens.)

This is my favourite shot.

And here is poor Yvonne, lurking in the background working the music. 
Note the Fairy Tale stage decorations arranged especially for us.

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